Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday, December 11, 2011

iPhone Upload

This is from a few weeks back. Gabe dumped all of his toys out of the bins and then said to me "hop in Momma." Too cute!

The Christmas Elf brought Gabe Play Doh this year. Gabe loves it! He also loves leaving it through out this house. I even found some in the Christmas tree!

Taken at the Breakfast with Santa. Yup, that's butter on his face... YUM!

Santa, where's my baby?

As we've done since Gabe was born we took him to have breakfast with Santa at church Saturday morning. I asked him earlier in the week if he was excited about having breakfast with Santa. His response- "No, I not have bek fust with Santa. I stay in the car." I even said "Santa's going to say Ho Ho Gabe Merry Christmas." Gabe's response "Santa not Ho Ho Gabe." Foreshadowing anyone? Well let me just say he did eat breakfast, but wanted NOTHING to do with Santa. I mean who can blame him? We don't exactly make a habit of letting him sit on stranger's laps.

After we ate our pancakes and sausage, we waited in line to take our picture with Santa. Gabe seemed to not really notice Santa- he was more caught up in the decorations. When it came our time I walked up to Santa holding Gabe. Gabe immediately started crying and refused to sit on Santa (first picture). The second picture is me trying to coax Gabe to come and sit with me and Santa. Not surprisingly that did not work either! Well there's always next year!

Gable loved playing on the slides outside of the cafeteria.